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Whether you need a minor repair fixed, a large project completed, or simply need help moving from one home to the next, RMP’s independently owned franchises are spread across the U.S. to help make your project, or move, an easier one.

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Ready My Property is a full, home service and make-ready company

We specialize in preparing your property for sale OR purchase by sending in our highly skilled, in-house teams to make sure your property is in top-notch condition when you are ready to sell, and we’ll make sure your new home is just how you want it before moving in. Not only are our teams working on your home, but they’ll also pack everything up and move your family to a new place in the process. We really are a one-stop-shop. Call us today!

Choose A Service That Works For You!
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Cleaning Services
Cleaning from the ground up is essential in the make-ready process, including window services.
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Full Painting Services
Blemishes on walls, both interior and exterior and unkempt baseboards can scare a buyer away – the solution can be as simple as a quick paint touch-up.
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Handyman Services
A stuck door and a cracked window pane can show signs of poor home health. We’ll come in and make those minor repairs so that you don’t have to!
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De-Cluttering and Full Moving Services
If you’re about to list your home, removing personalized items and de-cluttering can make the difference between selling or sitting on your property. Let us manage the process – packing, boxing and storing – turnkey for you!
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Mowing Services
Curb appeal is everything, so the landscaping has to be on point. You hate mowing right? We don’t – so let us set you up with a personalized schedule to keep the weeds at bay and the flowers blooming until your property is SOLD!
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Trash & Bulk Haul-off
Again, curb appeal is everything, so this speaks for itself….
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Pressure Washing
Making your home look it’s best from the inside out is important. Our team will hose it down from top to bottom, making sure we cover all patios and driveways.
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Flower Bed Maintenance
Freshly planted flowers can make a house feel like a home! We’ll clean out those beds, replace with fresh mulch, and add a few plants as needed.
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Floor Cleaning & Installation
Kids and dogs can wreak havoc on white carpets. RMP’s carry the best equipment and chemicals for getting out old stains and odors out of those bedrooms!
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Ready My Property makes every effort to make your life less stressful. The core of our company is to offer a basic list of services that will help the homeowner ready their property for sale, or, to help them prepare their new one before they move in. Some property owners will need basic services such as mowing or cleaning, whereas some property owners may want to take advantage of our full packing & moving services program.

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At Ready My Property, we have years of experience in home improvement projects. Our team members are well skilled in what they do. Whether it be a home repair, replacing a bad floor, or painting an entire home, our people can do it! Our homeowner app. technology allows our clients to communicate directly with our technicians on a day-to-day basis to help with a smooth transition from one property or project, to the next.

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With our Professional Contractor Services, we partner with companies that will handle everything we don’t! A lot of these services require certain contractors who hold certain licenses and insurances such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC contractors. Since RMP does not handle these items directly, we will refer them out to our contractor network to make sure the job gets completed correctly and in a timely manner. Need help looking for a certain contractor, give us a call!